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Web Hosting Company in Mumbai, India

Web Hosting Companies in Mumbai

What is Web Hosting ?

Devak Infomark, provides the highest advanced Web Hosting Packages for clients within different Industries. Devak web servers guarantee that you receive a powerful and dependable Web Hosting experience. We provide the most wide-ranging Web Hosting Solutions for all types of websites ranging from Static websites, Interactive websites, Portals, and Email Management Services. Devak Infomark, Web Hosting Solutions are upgradeable from all ends.

Devak Infomark, provides the most forward-looking and cheap Web Hosting packages onto Windows servers, Linux servers and Dedicated servers in India, Dubai and USA.

Linux Hosting is principally carried out on severs that practice Linux operating system. It is mainly a hosting plan wherever the server software is installed on a Linux operating system. Linux operating system offers its user with total control and voluntarily available scripts and programs. It is also generally meant to as LAMP server-software combination - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP⁄Perl⁄Python.

Linux Hosting v⁄s Windows Hosting

Linux is open source and permitted to use operating system that is identified for its rigid security building and firmness. Perl, MySQL, PHP, Python, and Ruby are some easily existing programming languages you can use on a Linux server.

Devak Infomark Advantages

With more than 25,000 websites hosted, Devak Infomark is among the top website hosting service providers in Mumbai India. The company provides a variety of hosting plans to its consumers. Devak Infomark also has a dedicated support team, which works round the timepiece to determine customer queries. Devak Infomark offers 99.9% uptime assurance and limitless data transfer along with several other add-on services.

Web Hosting Company Since 1996

  • Operating Systems - Red Hat Linux
  • Supported in Linux - CGI- BIN ,, Joomla, phpBB, Curl Tomcat, wordPress, drupal, Moodle, PHP 5.×, Formmail, Python(MOD PYTHON), Perl (modperl), Ruby on Rails support, PERL 5.×

Windows Hosting

Devak Infomark Windows Hosting is mostly carried out on servers that use Windows operating system. Although there are numerous causes to pick a Windows Hosting plan, the major of them is its compatibility. Customers, who are pursuing to use specific applications, such as Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (asp), or construct a website with Microsoft Front Page, are usually suggested to select Windows Hosting plans.

Windows Hosting v⁄s Linux Hosting

If the user is planning to acquire the website with .NET, MS Index Server or Visual Basic scripts, Windows hosting solution is measured as the best offered possibility. In common, this hosting plan is most appropriate for users who pursue to integrate different Microsoft specific applications in their websites.

Devak Infomark Advantages

With beyond 25,000 websites hosted, Devak Infomark is amongst the top website hosting service providers. The company provides a choice of hosting plans to its clients. Devak Infomark has a devoted support team, which works round the clock to determine customer queries. Devak Infomark offers 99.9% uptime assurance and limitless data transfer along with numerous other add-on services.

 Devak Infomark Windows Hosting Features

  • Operating Systems - Microsoft Windows 2003, 2008 & 2012
  • Supported in Linux - .NET Framework 4.×, 3.×, 2.×, 1.×. ASP 3.0, 2.0, ASP.NET, JRun 3.0. PHP 5.×, dotnuke
  • Database - MS SQL Database 2008 (2005 compatibility), MS Access 2003, MY SQL Database 5.×, Microsoft Server 2008 with Enterprise manager connectivity

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