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E-Mail marketing Company in Mumbai, India

email marketing solutions in Mumbai

What is E-mail Marketing?

Email Marketing is commercial or business messages broadcasting to bulk of people or group of people using E-mail. Each mail to send to the potential customer is mean to be Email Marketing. Email Marketing is an vital part of the marketing mix. When combined with telemarketing it facilitates outstanding data penetration and higher ROI.

Working with Devak Infomark allows you to have both networks done in one place. This allows information collected from each channel to be simply distributed to drive campaign efficiency. It permits central reporting so that you can simply track the ROI of your campaign, and it will reduce the costs acquired by using multiple agencies.

E-mail Marketing Company in Mumbai

We offer the full range of email marketing services in the form of Email Broadcasting, Email Requests and Email designs.

Email Distribution is the fastest, cheapest and most risk free way of screening. We custom the data created by an email broadcast to drive the efficiency and success of your telemarketing campaign. The data will be rebroadcast to on a regular basis typically thrice per month in order to generate data for your telemarketing agents.

There is a abundance of information we collect that can be used to inform your telemarketing campaign in the form of:

  • Who opened the email
  • When was it opened
  • Did they forward
  • Did they delete it
  • What link they used to click to the website, micro site, landing page etc
  • What additional pages did they visit on the same website
  • How long did they spend on each page, the duration
  • What parts of each page did they look at during their visit
  • How long did they spend on which part of the page

So you got your recipient to open your email only for him to lose curiosity and delete it 2 seconds for your email creative is not done well.

Your object with email marketing is not to “deliver” the email, it is to engross and compel your prospective client. Your email must fully engross your prospect and induce him to act as you designed your email to. Don’t make the blunder of getting your foot in the door only to be rolled away because you look too untidy to be taken seriously.

We at Devak Infomark make sure you’re not turned away. We design email templates and landing pages tailor-made to work for your campaign.

The design quality of a campaign is often the portion missing from an organisations internal expertise. Devak Infomark designs your email campaigns. Whether you have a very particular brief or you want us to take the lead, our design team can provide. Emails will be designed in unity to your branding including relevant logos and colour schemes.

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